Proctoring Service

Take a proctored exam

If you are taking a class from a remote institution you may need to take a proctored exam. This library offers a proctoring service to the public.

• When the service is available
We will proctor tests during regular library hours.

• Where it is located in the library
You may use the table by the magazines or any available computer for online tests.

• Instructions to schedule a proctored exam
Ask your instructor to send or email instructions to the library director.  If a staff signature is required ask him to send it or you may bring it in person to obtain the signature.  Request that the instructor mail the exam to the library.  We will not call you when it arrives.  You are responsible for calling the library and arranging the time to take the test.

• Who the staff contact is for this service
Library director

• If there is a fee and how much
This service is offered free of charge.  If the school does not send a self-addressed stamped envelope, you will be asked to provide postage.

• Where instructors should send the test materials
Library Director
Dumont Community Library
P.O. Box 159
Dumont, Ia  50625

• If this service includes both written and online tests
We will monitor written and online tests if the instructor provides the necessary instructions, passwords, etc.